Wireless facilities

Wireless Facilities


Large availability of wireless tools ready to produce: cycling races, marathons, social events, onboard cameras for motor races, sailing or boat competitions.

Thanks to our experiences and to a rich choice of transmitters, amplifiers, antennas, auto-tracking systems and receivers we can design and provide the TV coverage in whichever environmental condition, guaranteeing reliability, stability and quality of the carried signals.


LONG DISTANCE COVERAGE for Cycling, Marathon, Sailing:

  • 10 transmitters with PA booster
  •  15 diversity receivers with different type of antennas
  •  Large availability of UHF radios for communication and coordination
  •  Relay equipment (helicopter or airplane) with auto tracking antennas
  •  ASI streaming with EUROTEK DVB-S2 links
  •  GPS receivers / transmitters / management
  •  CINEFLEX V14HD camera system for Helicopter
  •  Transmission/recording equipment with GPS and Intercom integrated.
  •  10 dedicated motorbikes 4 BMW 1200 RT – 2 BMW 1200 GS – 4 BMW K1100 LT with gear-box modification (reduced minimum speed - increased torque)
  • Choice of HD Camera’s – Camcorder’s – Stabilized Lenses
  •  Stereo condenser microphones for brilliant ambience sound.


  •  Autotracking antennas HI Gain
  •  Management and dispatching of ASI signals
  •  Availability of DSNG or Terrestrial large band transmission system to deliver the signals to the main OB-VAN

MEDIUM RANGE COVERAGE - On Board camera system for car or motorbike races

  •  6 HD transmitters VISLINK M3TX with 4 switchable channels
  •  6 Patch antennas 2.2 Ghz
  •  12 Fan beam antennas with UMTS filter
  •  6 fiber head receivers with full diversity control
  •  2 fiber receivers 6 way RF splitter
  •  6 ISDBT demodulators
  •  4 ASI switchboards
  •  4 H264 decoder boards
  •  1 ISDVB-T Hand-Held receiver
  •  LI-ION Batteries - fiber optics - accessories

The system has been designed by VISLINK for large wireless applications and aerial productions using aircrafts relays or terrestrial positioning.

THE ALLIANCE is a technical partner for the research and development of Vislink UK.